Please read:
Failure to follow the guidelines in full may result in your submission being rejected.

Whilst we are open to all dark romance sub-genres and styles of writing, ultimately we reserve the right to reject topics that are not suitable for our publications. 

Banned content:

  • Paedophilia
  • Rape (dubcon is ok)
  • Incest
  • Necrophilia
  • Bestiality (except: werewolves, etc)
  • Copyrighted materials (ie: song lyrics, etc)

If you aren’t sure if your content qualifies as banned content please send a query.

Word count requirements, deadline dates and author compensation are detailed against each submission call.
Hyphenated words will be counted as one word. Paragraph breaks are not included in word counts.

All submissions must be in English.

All reads are double blind. Please do not include your name, pen name or other personal information in the document name, or header of your manuscript.


Font : Times New Roman 12 point

Spacing : Double line spaced. Indent new paragraphs. Single space between sentences.

NO TABS! (0.5 in/1.27 cm indent)

Scene breaks : ***

Style: CMoS

Spelling : British English
Merriam-Webster is a good reference source.


Please remember to attach your manuscript to your email.

Do not send links to download your document—we do not follow links—make sure your document is attached.

Make sure your manuscript document name has the title of your story, and the anthology name.

All manuscripts must be in .doc/.docx format.

In the header section of your manuscript please include your story title, and the story word count.


Short stories: Maximum of 100 words plus up to 2 personal, non-retailer links.

Drabbles: Maximum of 50 words plus 1 personal, non-retailer link.


In your email subject line, please include the anthology title, your story title, and your pen name.

In your email body, please include your pen name, legal name (if different), story title, word count, and bio.

All submissions should be made by email to [] unless the call directs you to a different address. Check the call first.


Paid Anthologies

We ask for Exclusive First Worldwide Publication and Electronic Rights for twelve months, and non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Unpaid Anthologies

We ask for Exclusive First Worldwide Publication and Electronic Rights for three months, and non-exclusive rights thereafter.