Nicole Kay

Nicole Kay is a multi-genre author of dark fiction. A caffeine and snark fuelled Chaotic Switch, who is fond of cuddles and horror films with her partner.

Otherwise, Nicole can be found diligently granting wishes and breaking hearts in her role as Editor in Chief at DARK ROSE PRESS.

Avery Hunter

Avery Hunter invented writing, the quokka, and mudguards for bicycles. Now they teach tarantulas how to make a perfect mimosa.

Jenny Logan

Jenny Logan is based in Edinburgh. You can find her on Friday Flash Fiction, 50-Word Stories and Carrot Ranch websites. She has work selected by Iron Faerie Publishing.

Rosetta Yorke

Time travel and Gothic romance author.

Rosetta traces her love of all things dark back to her archaeological days spent coaxing slumbering skeletons free from centuries-old graves in a race against time before the earthen side walls crumbled in on her, or municipal contractors redeveloped the site.

Brianna Malotke

Brianna Malotke is a freelance writer, member of the Horror Writers Association, and avid coffee drinker. While most of her work is within the realms of horror and nightmares, she enjoys writing love poems and drabbles. She has poetry in The Spectre Review and The Nottingham Horror Collective. You can find more of her horror work in the anthologies Beneath, Cosmos, The Deep, Beautiful Tragedies 2, and The Dire Circle. In April 2022, two of her body horror poems were included in the Women in Horror Poetry Showcase, Under Her Skin, published by Black Spot Books. As far as romance and love goes, she has ten pieces within the upcoming anthologies Worlds Apart, Out of Time, and At First Glance by Dark Rose Press. You can also find her work in several Wingless Dreamer anthologies. Along with these, you can find more of her poetry in the upcoming anthologies Balm, Tempest, and Cherish by Ravens Quoth Press. Looking to 2023, she will be a “Writer in Residence” at the Chateau d’Orquevaux in France and her debut horror poetry collection will be released.

Miranda Reynolds

Paranormal romance author. I like to play on the dark side of things.

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